Tena Durrani Bridal Collection 2016 – Party and Wedding Dresses

Pakistan is known for many brands but Tena Durrani is most famous of them. Recently she has launched her Bridal collection for the Women. Tena Durrani is very famous name and is appreciated for her unique collections all over. Tena is one of the most versatile designer and has joined the fashion industry a few years back but now almost known by everyone. The diversified Bridal collection is one of the biggest marks of her in industry. Many different types of dresses are designed by her. The best collection right now she has given is Bridal Fashion. She has put forward the dressing sense of Brides which we almost all the time Passionate to go for. In the year 2016 she has paid a lot attention toward Bridal collection and gave them chance or look more attractive. Different types of dresses and designs are available for the brides all the way. She has very unique dresses under her name.

Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016

The main focus is on material, color and stuff. Most of the adorable styles are made out of it. The best collection is color combination of bridal dresses. The most amazing color combination is for maroon, mehndi and trendy colors are yellow, green and orange. The collection is composed of Lehngas, open shirt, frocks for barat and reception function. Traditional kinds of lehngas are available for barat functions. Now much kind of variations are made for natural bridal dresses to enhance your beauty for this beautiful occasion in your life. The traditional style of long shirts has been replaced by Gown styles to give it diversity. The embroidery is enhanced with stuff using studs, beads and with that diamonds. Ordinary and unusual thread work is very much less in bridal dresses these days. But studs and beads are mostly used to enhance their beauty.

Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016

Reception after marriage is also one of the important functions in one’s life.  Tena Durrani Bridal collection 2016 is all about graving your looks in bridal sense.

The Collection of dresses in different colors is as follows

  • Skin
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Red
  • Purple etc

Pink is the first choice in bridal collection for reception for the bride. Motifs and embroidery has also been used to enhance the beauty of bridal collection. Purple and blue color is also famous in party function dresses. The embellishment of the dresses is really awesome. Women would surely be happy for her effort to bring style in their wedding. The designs are so energetic that you would love to wear them on your marriage. The composition of multiple colors and prints will give your look limitless options to explore your creativity and style. Some of the elements and new colors have been added for its embellishment. Tena Durrani clothing and styling is country’s most favorite and diversely popular in multi selection. Which most prominently make it and distinguished brand from others . The nuptial dresses are ultra-cozy and amazing to be wear.

Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016

Some of the Enchanting bridal collections have been given below.

Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016 Tena Durani   Bridal Collection 2016

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