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Every woman wants to look beautiful and gorgeous on any occasion or on a routine day so to pamper herself she searches for good beauty products and cosmetic of different brands. There are lots of different makeup brands but very few of them really ranked as a best brand. Sweet touch cosmetics is one of them, it is a renowned brand of makeup industry in Pakistan as well as other countries of the world for selling quality and wonderful skin care color cosmetics. There price range is very reasonable and anyone can easily buy its products, they also give many offers in frequent times. They also realize its new cosmetics and different shades of color cosmetics on different occasion and Days like Eid, Women Day, Mothers Day Colors day etc.They also launches new cosmetics according to weather and seasons need like summer, winter etc. its cosmetics are available in all retail outlets, cosmetic shops and beauty salons in Pakistan and other countries of the whole world.
Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products ranges are categorized as under:

  • Nail
  • Lips
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Skin care

Now we will discuss all Cosmetics Products in following lines:

Sweet Touch Nail Polishes:

pakistani Sweet Touch Nail Polishes

Their Nail Polishes provides a wide range of nail colors; select according to your choice apply a single stork feel smoothness and brightness of it. All nail polishes are contains the quality of anti-cracking and anti-smudging, with vibrant bright, fresh, lively, bold, shiny and glittery shades. With the help of nail care cosmetics just take care of your nails and Nail art kits gives you the opportunity to create your own creative and interesting nail arts designs.

Sweet Touch Nail Polishes
There nail contains these products:

  • Nail paints
  • Nail art kits
  • Nail care kit

Sun shine Lips:

Sweet Touch Sun shine Lips

Here are lips cosmetics vast range of cosmetics. Their lips items give you a sensational, savvy, hot, cute and glamorous feelings with its plenty shades of different tones; from matte to shimmery, from nude to shiny, from glittery to soft nice colors. All lips products are quality ones give you soft look and smoothness, long lasting for your day out. All lipsticks shades are stunning which enhance your beautiful glamorous look. Lip pencils can be used to make an lips outline as well as lips color. Bright lipsticks make your smile more brighter.
The cosmetics for lips may rank as under:

  • Lipsticks
  • Lip glosses
  • Lip pencils
  • Lip care
  • Lip fixes
Sweet Touch Lip Gloss:

pakistani Sweet Touch Lip Gloss

Varieties in Sweet Touch Lip Gloss are adorable, shiny and stunning, which can be proof show stealer. Glittery and matte all types of lip glosses are there. There shades codes are as follow: 660, 669, 661, 670, 662, 671, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, and 669; from pinks to reds, from silvery to golden, peach to neutral shades.

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Playful eyes:

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Playful eyes

If we talk about eye makeup of course there is again best and outstanding range of eye products. All the eye makeup cosmetics are made of high quality, creamy and to give you proper look.
There rang of eye makeup is mentioned here:

  • Eye shadows
  • Mascaras
  • Eye liners
  • False eye lashes
  • Kajal pencils

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Eye shadows:

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Eye shadows

Lots of shadows for eye colors of smoothness and can be blended well. Smoky, subtle, bright and sensuous shades will make you more glamorous. There are trendy eye colors but you can create your own shades with the available tones, this would be creative. There texture will proof very smooth and glowing. Few Eye shadows codes ranged as: Gold, RY, YR, O86, Green PV, R-21G, Silver, GY, RB, H-23, Brown, 83, Magenta, Brick, Kuffer, 512, Cherry, Torkis and Bronze.

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Mascara:

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Mascara

There creamy mascara is very smooth in texture, apply a single stork and you will feel beautiful lashes like long and smooth.These are range as magic brush mascara, ultra volume mascara, wonder lash mascara, deep black mascara, and amazing effect mascara.

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Eye liners:

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products color Eye liners

The range of eye liners colors are made in such a way you may adopt any of your favorite one; the colors in above picture Torkis, Black, Purple, Gold, Pearly Silver and Brown. Just see which suits on your eyes pick your best one. Eyeliners are kajal liner, soft kajal liner, soft eyeliner waterproof, magic eyeliner, diva von teese and liquid liners are high precision liquid liner, long lasting, sensitive fine liner, liquid star liner and perfect color liner.

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Blush:

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Blush

Perfect and glamorous and shiny blushes are there in this brand cosmetic range. Shades with code are: Pinky Peach Shine 503, Silver Glam 506, Pastel Pink 507, and High Natural Gloss 508.

Sweet Touch Face Foundation:

pakistani Sweet Touch Face Foundation

Sweet Touch Face Foundation products should be more fine and smooth so as with face cosmetics. There are lots of products which provide you flawless, confident and spotless feelings. All Face Foundation products are very smooth to apply, even skin tone and tones are there according to different skin types and tones. The main features are quick to apply conditioning ingredients, for all skin types and tones, glowing look will stays on your skin for long day out and mineral foundation for oily skin type which will absorb all extra oil from your skin and balances it.

  1. Foundation makeup
  2. Concealed
  3. Powder
  4. Makeup primer
  5. Highlighter
  6. Mousse

Foundations and Powder:
High coverage foundation with long lasting full coverage and non-greasing effect; gives you the guarantee of smooth texture. Pick your shade: HS 132, HS 133, HS 134, HS 135, HS 136, and HS 137. Young skin foundation a perfect solution for light coverage to make skin flawless. Twin cake has the quality to absorb all extra oil and balance the skin tone.

Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products

pakistani Sweet Touch Cosmetics Products Skin Care

New fair skin extreme whiting range is there by this brand. The skin care products allow you to care your skin make your skin healthier and beautiful. In this home treatment package there are things of:


  • Fair skin freshener


  • Fair skin serum


  • Fair skin Mask


  • Fair skin day protection
  • Fair skin night cream

So these are some qualities of this brand cosmetics use one of these and feel the difference.


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