Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

Women can live without Food & Water but can’t live without makeup; this saying is true. It’s the world, here everyone is independent and free, and people can do whatever they want to do with their bodies. Everyone tries to make themselves look attractive by using some sorts of tricks and tips. Everyone has some addiction, so girls are addicted to makeup. Their all attempts, in general, is to build a personality that would fit in but also stand out. How is that possible? By looking and being one’s best. Makeup does figure top on almost each and every girl list.

Here we are just going to highlight the most beautiful smokey eyes makeup created by top most Makeup Artists around the globe. Normally, in these days Glitter Smokey eyes are on the upper part of the artist gallery. These tutorials will pamper how to glitter your eyes correctly. There are so many tutorials below show that it is so simple to create a good look of your eyes. For getting the extraordinary touch, smoky eye by just blending liner, shadow and highlighter.

The mixing of lighter shades with bold tone is what’s in fashion from last years. It is still at the same position with some advance techniques. Now you can create it in a different way, like cat smokey, glittery smokey, roughly smudged, etc. it works in every event whether it is casual or formal.There are many women out who love smokey eyes but think that it is so difficult to create. So here we have arranged step by step smokey eye tutorial for you! Do it on your formal occasions and ready to receive a lot of good compliments from your surrounding.

Before creating your smokey eyes, make sure that you have every product which will use in the tutorial. For proper makeup, we need eyelid base, black pencil or eyeliner for waterline, eye shadows, mascara etc.

Step 1: First of all, Use the base to last the makeup. For this purpose, you can use concealer or primer on eyelid which helps eye shadow to stick and last for long.  Apply Base on your eyelids up to the brow. By Applying, eyelids will help eye shadows go on smoothly and hide any redness of skin and give your face entire smooth appearance. Use NYX White Jumbo Eye Pencil on your eyelids as a base before applying a bright eye shadow color and watch it pop!

eyelid base

Step 2:  Take Black pencil and start filling the waterline of your eye with a pencil. Fill correctly the lash lines of the eye with a pencil. For this purpose, you can use EYE OF HORUS SMOKEY BLACK GODDESS PENCIL. It’s Smokey eye necessity. Try it to get the better result.



For a perfect look, you can also make use of eyeliner on the waterlines. Try Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eye Liner in Black Fire ($9.99 at


eyeliner on waterline

Step3:  Over Lip Base, To light up your lids Apply Shining Bone Shadow on the eyelid. Use Bobbi Brown Shimmery Eyeshadow for this purpose.

Bobbi Brown Shimmery Eyeshadow

Step4:  Now start from the center of the eyelid and blends a main shade to brown bone. The color of shade which you can use is up to your choice. The shade can be silver, black, brown and another according to the need. After applying the main shade, now you have to blend the covers with black shade which will give you a perfect shade.


Step5: Finishing smokey eye with mascara. Now you attain the complete look of smokey eyes.







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