Skin Care Tips for Winter

As everyone knows the season is changing from summer to winter so it will bring many changes in to your life, health and skin. This change in weather will bring glow on cheeks but only for few peoples, for many people’s it will bring lots of problems and skin issues. The icy weather, cold winds and heat of indoor can cause many problems. The major issues in winter are dryness, cracking, flaking of skin and eczema (a medical condition, in which extreme level of dryness because of roughness and inflame, can cause of itching and bleeding).

Before winters goes on its peak and you flamed indoor heat you should change your routine and take care of your skin. It’s time to know some tips and remedies to prevent your beauty from dryness and dehydration. This dryness will bring moisturizer from your body so adopt some home treatment and avoid such situation. Moisturizer on skin is very important to maintain it you need to know basic tips and steps for coming winters.

Every woman cares and loves her beauty so here I am going to discus tips which are very healthy, for your skin. I have personally apply these tips for skin in winters, and they are really affective and useful. Now these are mentioned in points from head to toe:
First of all remove all the beauty products you were using in summer and replace them with winter beauty products like cleanser, shampoo, cream etc.

Change in Diet Body Treatment Ideas:

Change in Diet

1. It’s important and necessary to make some changes in to your diet. What you have to do add some nuts oils like olive oil, avocado, flax seed oil, omega 3 oils, and little fats. Many oils are available in markets for omega 3 oils eat fish in your daily routine. Add also pure and quality honey its rich food specially used in winters best for your beauty.


skin care

2. Drink plenty of water as many people reduce the quantity of water in winter. So you need to drink water because it will prevent you dehydration and gives you vitamins.
Winter Care for Dry Skin Face Care Winter Care for Dry Skin:

Winter Care for Dry Skin

1. Next step is to cleanse your face daily with a quality cleanser. It will prevent you from itching, dryness and repair the damage, harmful bacteria and germs.

Skin Toner:

2. Apply toner on face as it prevents bacteria and germs. You can also use it on your whole body.

Sun-block Winter Care Tips:

3. Use sun block if you are in indoor heat or going outside in a sunny day.
4. Try to avoid scrub daily on face, scrub your face only once a week.
5. Avoid using harsh peels; clay based masks because they may cause more dryness and roughness. Try to bring in cleansing milk and mild foaming cleanser, those will prove more effective.

Hands Care and Manicure:

Hands Care

Cleanser Winter Care for Dry Skin:

1. For your hands you should use soap-free cleanser which is containing hydration and anti-bacterial effects.

Use of Gloves with Lotion:

Use of Gloves

2. Use hand oil lotion then wear cotton gloves even for an hour. Keep them warm use lemon add some honey in it and apply on your hand it will give you moisturizer and clean them.

Winter Care Tips Foot Treatment and pedicure:

winter Foot Care

Use of Lotion:
1. Wash your feet daily with an anti-bacterial soap it will prevent your feet from sweating. At night apply a scrub, pumice stone then wash them and apply a moisturizer lotion, wear socks overnight or for few hours.

Winter Care Tips Heels:
2. Heeling cream should be used if your heels are cracking same way apply cream then wear socks.

Body Treatment Ideas:

Body Care in winter

Body Treatment Ideas:
1. In winters everyone likes to take shower with hot water but it may bring in damage and more dryness. Long baths and hot water are not good for you in winter season so use slightly warm water. Don’t take long bath reduce the shower timing to 10 minutes and take shower only once a day not more then to it.


2. Use milk or moistening balms for body after taking bath. Use bath oil and moisturizer body cleanser before shower.
Body Treatment Ideas

Body Treatment Ideas

Honey Scrub:

Scrub for Skin care

3. For rough elbows knees and stubborn dry patches try to adopt a best scrub. In my opinion the best one is home scrub. Take some honey add little sugar in it apply this homemade scrub on your elbows and knees then scrub it on them. Honey is good in reducing inflammation and sugar will increase the circulation, it will prove very hydrating.

Shampoo Winter Care Tips:

4. Wash your hairs with an anti-dandruff shampoo of best quality.

General care Home Remedies for Skin in Winter:

Winter Care Tips:

Use of Cotton Sheets

  1. Put cotton bed sheets and sofa sheets, sleep wear, try to avoid synthetic or cotton mix synthetic fiber sheets and it will suck all moisturizer from your body.
  2. Same is the case with gloves and sock, carry only cotton socks and gloves. Avoid wearing wet gloves and sock.

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