Simply Sublime by Sara Shahid Collection 2016 – Designers Lawn Dresses

Sara Sahaid is one of the most leading designers of Pakistan. She has acquired an international degree in fashion. And over a decade has been passed that she is working as an tremendous fashion designer for Pakistani fashion. She is not only famous in Pakistan for her dresses but also at international level .Sara Sahid in Pakistan has made a niche market for fashion lover in Pakistani market. She has introduced her best brand named as sublime by Sara in 2003. Her utmost desire in dress collection lies in stunning tailoring, impeccable designs and intricate embellishment. She is known for her unique glamour known for her symmetry and balance. She has recently introduced her brand new studio in Lahore which carried her most promising collection.

Sublime by Sara summer Collection 2016

Under Sara five feature lines are working

  1. Sublime by Sara
  2. Pret a porter which includes eastern and western designs wear
  3. Sublime divine -Couter based and bridal collections.
  4. Sublime entrepreneur Project- handcraft outfits are made by women who posses skills. But they lack the most important opportunity to go out their homes and do  job.
  5. Fab Sublime- It is one of the limited edition and the type of stuff produced under it is as follows

Printed chiffon, Cotton, Georgette

  1. Ready to wear fabric

As sublime believe in catching the uniqueness of the women by its collection and style. The central focus is always on women. The designs are a fuse of western and eastern mixture. The blended designs give the glance of traditional style of Pakistan. The result is amazing collection of unstated glamour for women. The millennium is all over with Sara. She believes that design and outlook of the dresses lies in the cuts and looks of the designer prints. Her designed prints are always close to a women heart and loved by pretty girls. She very much understands the depth of fashion which incorporate while maintaining its fashion sense.


Sublime by Sara summer Collection 2016

The color used for the collection is

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple and many more combinations with that.

So, Sublime has made it much easier by introducing light and bold prints in different color combinations and prints of stunning patterns with gorgeous looks. These prints and designs of the Sara have followed up the new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and trends. These lawn dresses have been given a trendy look this summer to make your personality unique.  Sublime has given an option in variety and stunning way  so that one may not just look the same as a person look in normal routine life with unusual outfits.

Sublime by Sara summer Collection 2016

This dresses are tremendous and you would be glad to have it this summer because the digital prints are really awesome and gorgeous. Sublime has already displayed the summer collection 2016 for women and glad to be part of women trends and fashion lover. The outfits are an amazing Collection of designs and prints. We are happy to put forward the Sublime by Sara collection in this summer with amazing lawn prints and designs. The summer collection of 2016 has been launched with high priorities of digital designs by Sara Shahid. It is one of the most branded and renowned collection which has given Firdous Sublime by Sara a respectable place in the female heart for adorable prints, designs and outfits. They have always satisfies their customer with amazing blends of color mixture and themes and the type of the trendy and fancy fabric they use.

Some of the digital collection of Sublime by Sara is given below.

Sublime by Sara summer Collection 2016 Sublime by Sara summer Collection 2016

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