Satya Paul Sarees Collection 2016 with Price in Pakistan

One of the finest name among dress designers is Satya Paul. He started his career in the year 1985. He is mostly famous for his ethnic saree in the fashion world. Much through the design of silk craft, Satya Paul tries his best to represent refinement, finesse, elegance and beauty for contemporary life.

When his first gave his collection he said,

“My whole unique inspiration come through the beauty of the world, mostly from history and research, from dynamism elements, trees, rain, birds, music, painting, sculpture and existence of one itself”

Paul son Punnet is the head of Satya Paul brand. He has worked up with weavers, craftsmen and printers to combine the unique outfits into embellished one. With his collection he stunts the people expectations again.

Right now he is about to present his saree collection for the different Occasion. He is basically an Indian designer but his collection of saree is famous worldwide. This time his most focus is on party sarees collection.

He has used some digital kind of painting style on clothes like

  • Ink wash painting

It is known as literati kind of painting mostly done with black color.

  • Brush painting

Mostly used in calligraphy in Asian world.

Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016

He has also given unique prints and outfits for women. He has used

  • Dynamic colors scheme
  • Floral abstract and digital geometric prints
  • Stylish tail gowns
  • Ankle length blouse
  • U shaped tail blouse

The collection of saree is perfection in itself with intricate design pattern. Every design is given an intention to look beautiful and amazing with sarees. The sarees outfits are being decorated with digital designs and prints where as long blouse has been embedded with embroidery. Carrying the women taste and standing out with an eye of  every international fashion and heart in real fashion world is Satya Paul. The dresses are time Lesley and ethnically beautiful. Elegance and styling has been kept in mind with that the fabric and material used is very stunning and amazing with quality. The casual outfits sarees are really classic and fantastic to wear this time. The clothes are heavily decorated with timeless beauty and embroidery. He always stunts the people with his gifted talent. He has an talent which could make fantasies come true.

Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016

He has given you an opportunity to look amazing with following collections.

  1. Blouses
  2. Front daman embroidery
  3. Front neck embroidery
  4. Back embroidery
  5. Sleeves border

He is an outstanding and well known designer of India but most importantly famous for his saree in Pakistan. His designing sense speaks for himself because of the designs he give for the women in the sari outfits. He has produced many outclass dresses which are readily worn by ladies of every age group and potentially young females. It is the best sarees outfit collection and assortment of colors and designs is also unique and stunning. It’s gorgeous and vivacious digital prints would make your look more beautiful and stunning with amazing looks. It has also been embellished with catchy embroidery and stunning color patterns of digital designs. He always used to get a smart response from his customers worldwide for this intricate sari designs. Every time he makes a new design in sarees and comes up with some new and unique idea for the ladies all around the world. The collection is really stunning and awesome in the way it is presented. Get ready ladies for this vivacious and marvelous color combination collection all the way for you from Satya Paul.

Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016

The colors mostly used are

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • And many more like this.

He always gives unique and better attention to styles and designing of the outfits to give different unique looks in making sarees. Satya Paul has showcased his most awaking, stunning and wonderful collection ever this year of sarees and would make your parties excellent with gorgeous sari.

Following are some of Satya Paul sarees Collection 2016

Their price range is 25,00 to 1,60,000

Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016 Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016 Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016 Satya Paul Sari Collection for Eid 2016

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