Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016

Nida Azwer Attire collection is recognized worldwide. She always creates a fusion of vintage design with traditional crafts. The tailoring is done in full attention to give them innovative cuts and unique design patterns. She has extracted her design from Arabesque and carries a traditional touch in beautiful jewelry. When it comes to her traditional work she give a sense of eastern tradition, her block printing on steel is stunning and unmatchable in the industry. People, who are searching for inspiration, have a check on Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016. She has given much of the authentic collection in Accessories and many things with that. The adornment was so classic and incredible that no one can get their attention out of these beautiful and stunning designs.

The brand collection represent the

  • Hand crafted brass
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Swarovski crystal collection
  • Blend of Pakistani, India, turkey trends are also seen in those Accessories.

The Nida Azwer Line consist of following

  1. Clutches
  2. Necklaces
  3. Earrings
  4. Bracelets
  5. Bangles
  6. Rings and much more

Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016

The new venture is speaking of her Accessories design and looks. The collection consists of much diversity and attractiveness. The intricate Pakistani jumkas and string necklaces of beads and gold are also available. It is mostly inspired by Hyderabad work. Some of the vintage pieces are also blended with steel mesh and glamorous liquid silver box clutches.

We are quite sure that every one of you would love this collection of Nida Azwer. We are also presenting many funky designs in Accessories. Every young heart person wanted to have these stunning collections of Accessories. These Accessories are quite desirable and independent entity for them who worth it. Her collection represents the international standard in dreamed collection. She is always known for her embellished and adorned pieces of clutches and many more things.. The collection of every kind used is also very much unique and material used is much more stunning and advantageous. The Accessories consist of rings, sunglasses, shoes, bracelets and much more adorned stuff is also available.

Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016

Accessories could add more to your looks and styles. Whether you are out or still in office or home you can enhance your beauty by our Nida Azwer Accessories. The sunglasses and high heels during summer day and Accessories could surly make the day up to your desires. With its pure and ethnic design the collection look unique and aesthetic. It’s the peak of blending designs and style for your accessories storage it could be the best them to keep with yourself and fashion. Accessories contains lot of fashion things especially which could change your style and looks.

Most amazing collection all over Pakistan is about to make your mind blow with amazement is Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016. Nida Azwer is giving your summer an more opportunity to look natural and unique in your own way to have a blush day.
All the collection are present at reasonable price from 2900 to 3500

Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016 Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016 Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016 Nida Azwer Accessories Collection 2016

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