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With no doubts Pakistan is worldwide famous for its brands and there is no need to elaborate that fact. So here is NEXT to give you an opportunity to look unique for this summer collection. Every single brand of Pakistan is the demand worldwide. Different and unique designed outfits are available for every person who desires to look different. This Brand offers clothing for men, women and kids. The fourth store of British High street fashion brand is “NEXT”. This brand has made its way to Pakistan only through the gateway of Lahore in 2007. Where it has developed three of its fashion stores in Lahore and has recently stepped into Karachi as the brand name “NEXT” fourth fashion store. It greatly contain the collection of men, women and children and the most of it shoes and accessories. All the collection is unique with amazing outfits and prints. Young girls and boys only wanted to purchase the T-shirt under the label of “NEXT”. “NEXT” is a very popular brand for casual looks.

NEXT summer Collection 2016

For Men and Women following are some of the collection

  • Casual shirts
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants
  • Shorts
  • Tops

And many more amazing collections like that. The color are also very amazing with unique designs and digital patterns

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue  etc

Separate from traditional looks the new generation has got bored so they are giving you an opportunity of exotic looks. They are also offering ostentatious accessories like Hats, sunglasses, Funky enough shoes. They are not offering accessories for men but for the women too. It contains nice designs for men and women both in a embellished way. The trendy clothing is giving it an edge. NEXT was formed in the year 2007 by British. The brand offers western pattern cloths in a natural way. The clothes and collection of NEXT is put forward for Urban Areas. They are being inspired by the young age of today. These kinds of collection are attracted by the young age confident people. A lot of different clothing styles and accessories are provided by NEXT. It releases new collection twice a year. The dresses are always designed with ease and class. The complete fashion brand which offer jeans for every age. They are most famous for western men and women fashion. They provide sensational collection for formal and casual outfits. They have got a decent response because of their NEXT summer Collection 2016. Their are many color combinations in these dress collection. It has built an strong inspiration to change the people and mind around. For this summer season the brand has planned to provide stylish, good looking, stunning and tremendous jeans variety. They have given a spectacular collection for summer 2016.

NEXT summer Collection 2016

It is the strongest brand presenting vintage and denim charisma looks .The brand will provide you an colossal entertainment all over.

It consist of

  • Dashing colors
  • Campaign jeans
  • Mud and chocolate color jeans
  • Cotton jeans pent etc

They provide different and distinctive classes

  • Easy wear
  • Western wear
  • Gathering wear

It has most positively picked up the young generation reaction and makes its mark in the Pakistani market. NEXT has utilized the brilliant and magnificent combination of prints to attract the youngsters. It has been mixed by straight forwardness and advancement in clothing. This summer season NEXT is providing you an opportunity of dashing looks.

NEXT summer Collection 2016 NEXT summer Collection 2016 NEXT summer Collection 2016 NEXT summer Collection 2016

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