Libas Bridal Collection 2016 – Wedding Collection

Pakistan is known for many brands but Libas is one of the renowned brands over here. This wedding season Shariq textiles have given yet another exclusive option to explore yourself and Wedding collection. The most ethnic and tremendous wedding outfits are available only in Libas outfit. It is most suitably decorated with original and traditional motifs. The quality of fabric and material is also approached to be maintained in Libas bridal collection. The digital embroidery used is a mixture of natural, classic and modern looks. It is the trend setter of the wedding season for all the young and beautiful brides. It is giving you and trend of pretty, subtle and gorgeous looks on your party day. The colors are beautiful and fresh with natural touch for the bridal collection to be put on. Libas is the name of perfection and purity which carry an international standard for their party wear. The color combination pattern and mixed designs are really appreciated all over for Libas bridal Collection 2016. The company is every time busy in producing the bridal outfits with much hard work. This bridal outfits will really update your wedding plans and arrangement. They are always motivated and innovated into a gorgeous looks. The adornment of the dresses is really vivid, vivacious and charming. Women would surely be happy for her effort to bring style in their wedding outfits and outclass fabric being used. The designs are so pure and much handful that you would love to wear them on your wedding day. This Libas wedding dresses collection is almost suitable for those who like style and creativity in their looks. If you want traditional looks with natural trends you are at the right place then with the bridal outfits of Libas.

So, It has made it much easier for the trendy style of wedding by introducing light and bold bridal outfits in different color combinations and prints of stunning digital embroidery. These zari and motif designs have followed up the new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and looks.

Bridal collection should be unique for special day then like the casual days. When it comes to bridal collection every girl wishes to have beautiful dress for her wedding. These dresses include all different kind of designs for the functions like

  1. Barat
  2. Reception
  3. Mehndi
  4. Mayoon
  5. Dohlki

Reception has got much of the importance now a days and is considered much of the part like wedding ceremony. The most common dress on weddings is lehengas. She has chosen much of the perfect blend and elegant colors. Frocks are most commonly worn on the event like dolki and mayoon. The most vivacious and eye-catching colors used are

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pink
  • And many others

She has introduced the following new trends and styles into the design world.

  • Distinct palets
  • End noded with pearls
  • Semi precious stone
  • Red-ruby bridal coats
  • Soft-sheer fabric

The advantageous materials used are as follows

  • Net laces
  • Chiffon
  • Ivory
  • Gold and silver with embroidery
  • Glided with floral motifs and much more.

Some of the collections have been given below with Their prices range which is 25,000 to 1,45,000 PKR

Libas Bridal Collection 2016

Libas Bridal Collection 2016 Libas Bridal Collection 2016 Libas Bridal Collection 2016

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