Honey Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Honey Waqar is one of the great person and fashion designer of Pakistan. She is also known as the “THE COUTURE QUEEN OF PAKISTN”. She is highly creative and perfect designer. She is worldwide famous and is known for her clothing sense. She has given ethnic and classic clothing designs for winter. She presents traditional cultural heritage of Pakistan. Some kind of digital printing has also been done on it. She has been participating in the success of Pakistani fashion for years. She is also known in India.

Some of her mesmerizing collections are as follows

Yellow Party Dress Pakistani

  • PRODUCT NAME: Yellow Party Wear
  • IMAGE DETAIL: Yellow is an color of love which explains the pure exquisiteness of a women and now Honey Waqar Dress is about to stun your casual day wear.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Hot Pink Pakistani Dress

  • PRODUCT NAME: Pink Party Wear
  • IMAGE DETAIL: Hot Pink Dress is now a day’s an striking color for you and is an contribution for your casual wear.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Latest Pakistani Open Shirt Designs:

  • PRODUCT NAME: Winter Pakistani Frock
  • IMAGE DETAIL: An overwhelming color for casual days is an blending touch and now get prepared for its just right blend for your instance to celebrate and take pleasure in with this winter outfits. You can match with it simple pumpy or high heels that would look great together. Straight or curly hairs would also be great.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Purple and Red Winter Pakistani Collection

  • PRODUCT NAME: Purple and Red Winter Shirt
  • IMAGE DETAIL: Purple and Red mixture is at all times spectacular and this digital printing work would also craft an startling sense to your gorgeous glance and modishness. You can wear with it plazzo or tights and with that high heels would look great. You would love being part of this dress.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Front Button Salwar Kameez

  • PRODUCT CODE: Blue Pakistani Dress
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: It is an natural desire of our women to have attractive and more beautiful clothes for themselves for every season and this time we are presenting you the winter collection of Honey Waqar. High heels would look great with them and you would look much better for your casual days. Rightist and curly hairs would also look great.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Sky Blue and Yellow frock

  • PRODUCT CODE: Sky Blue and Yellow frock
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: This good-looking collection is about to make known your character on casual day time and would make you look more cool and classic. You can wear with it tights and palazzo and with that blue or yellow nail paint would also look great.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Green Embroider and printed Frock

  • PRODUCT CODE: Green Embroider and Printed Frock
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The striking color amalgamation is in actuality exceedingly startling and striking the mix color blends pate at the base is also assembling it valuable.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

Red Pakistani Dress

  • PRODUCT NAME: Red Frock
  • IMAGE DETAIL: The Blue color is striking with their effortlessness and attractiveness by honey Waqar. You can match with high heels or red nail paint would look stunning.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

White Pakistani Frock

  • PRODUCT NAME: White Frock
  • IMAGE DETAIL: This is an astounding work that has been done on this dress that would make you give the impression of being more eye-catching and gorgeous.

Honey   Waqar Winter Collection 2016

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