Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016 with Price

Elan is one of the most famous clothing brands of Pakistan. It is represented by Kahdija Shah. She has deliberately given much of the unique outfits for the women. It has been getting the attention of the women with breath taking and awesome collection. She always gives attention to styles and designing of the dresses to give different unique looks. Elan has showcased its most stunning and wonderful collection ever. The bridal collection dresses are newer and vivid. She has used falling with mixed and unique color of light and soft stroke, such as red and white. The Lehengas are being decorated with dabka and motifs where as long shirts has been embedded with embroidery. Carrying the women taste and standing out with an eye of international fashion and heart in real fashion world is Elan. The dresses are time Lesley and aesthetically beautiful. Elegance and styling has been kept in mind with that the fabric and material used is very stunning and amazing. The bridal outfits are really classic and fantastic.
The clothes are heavily decorated with timeless beauty. She always stunts the people with her gifted talent. Kahdija Shah has an talent which could make fantasies come true. The art of her on the clothes and designs are heart-hitting and elegant. They are always motivated and innovated into a smart look. Bringing you a decency and glamour in looks. The embellishment of the dresses is really vivid and charming. Women would surely be happy for her effort to bring style in their wedding outfits. The designs are so pure and handful that you would love to wear them on your wedding day. Elan has produced many outclass dresses. She is loved by women. Elan has always added up something extra then to make her fabric look unique and classic.

Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016

Currently the growth of Pakistani bridal dressing brands is strong and known worldwide for its fashion embellishment. Elan has made charming bridal designs that tempt each lady of Pakistan. The name of Elan is among the top most designers and has priority in female heart. She has not only given a much importance to Women casual wear trends and lawn. But now she is here to introduce her Bridal Collection 2016. She is much famous for her creative designing for the women of Pakistan.
She has introduced the following new patterns into the design world.

  • Red-ruby bridal coats
  • Soft-sheer fabric
  • Distinct palets
  • End noded with pearls
  • Semi precious stone

All these patterns include the following advantageous materials

  1. Net laces
  2. Chiffon
  3. Ivory
  4. Gold
  5. Glided with floral motifs and much more.

This bridal collection include all different kind of dresses for the functions like

  • Mehndi
  • Mayoon
  • Dohlki
  • Barat
  • Reception

Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016
Reception has got much of the importance now a day. The most common dress on weddings is lehangas. She has chosen much of the perfect and elegant colors. Frocks are commonly worn on the event like dolki and mayoon. The most vivacious and adorned colors used are

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5.  And other shades

These zari work and designs have followed up the new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and looks.

  • Here is Elan bridal collection 2016 given with its price range which is 50,000 to 1,60,000 PKR.

Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016 Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016 Elan Bridal Collection by Kahdija Shah 2016

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