Different Braids Hairstyles and Braided Buns Ideas

Find the best hairstyle which suits your hair and perfect for you, here providing you the top rated braid hairstyles of the year.

Box Braids

It is a combination of the individual braids which are usually thin and small in size. They are made so neatly, looks so elegant. The best thing about these braided hairstyles that you don’t have to worry about hair size. It suits on every size of locks. It’s not the one best thing about them, but also it gives you comfort that you have to don’t worry about your hair type. You may try them on curly, wavy, straight and on every hair type. Due to the reason that your hairs are turned into braids and people can’t judge either you have curly, wavy or straight hairs. Black people love these locks, and they are also preferred by white ones.

Box Braids Half Updo For Long Hairs


Image Source: pretty-hairstyles

Box Braids hairstyles for Short hairs

Short Box Braid Hairstyle-fashion3style-

Source: Instagram thelondoncurls

Fishtail Braided Hairstyles

It looks like it is most difficult hairstyle to do, but trust me it’s so easier to create. Usually, hairstylist starts their career by these hairstyles. Don’t let go the best just because it looks complicated; it’s easier than it looks. Want to achieve decent hairdo look? Try them on formal events & gathering; this hairstyle is just perfect. Do this on your functions and ready to receive a lot of good compliments.

fishtail braided hairstyles-fashion3style-

Formal and Casual¬†Braided Buns Hairdo’s

You can try box braided buns on your hairs to achieve a good look. These buns usually look best on casual events. For the formal parties and gathering, Soft twisted buns are preferred. Simple thing always looks decent; This is so simple for any formal occasion.

Box Braided Buns for Casual


Source: goodhousekeeping

Formal Decent Twisted Braided Buns


Braided Top-Knot Braid Buns

For this hairdo, you just make the braid of your hairs and roll it up with the pin and your bun is ready. You can also braid some strands and roll it up to make top-knot while you can open the rest of your hairs. This bun is easier to create, takes less time and perfect for the working women.



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