Crescent Lawn Summer Collection 2016 – Crescent Lawn Kareena kapoor

Pakistan is known for many brands but Crescent Lawn has got much of importance by its collection and amazing designs with that of fabric. The Lawn Collection is one of the first priorities of women during summer because of its light weight and ability to cope with hot environment is worthy. In 2011 After Sushmita Sen and Karisma Kapoor i 2012-2013 now Kareena Kapoor the Brand Ambassador of the brand is doing shoot for the crescent Lawn of Faraz Manan’s. Get ready for this stunning collection. Crescent has made Pakistan proud among the countries all around because of its unique piece of dresses for women. The type of stuff and fabric used is also of high quality and reliable. It gives latest trends and styles keeping in mind the taste, culture and tradition of the people. Every design and print they produce is a master piece for the women in this season. It is especially famous for its women dresses not only in Pakistan but the world around too.

 Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016

It has already displayed the summer outfits 2016 for women. The dresses are an amazing Collection of designs and prints. We are happy to put forward the summer collection in this hot weather with amazing lawn prints and designs. The Kareena Kapoor Crescent Lawn 2016 has been launched with high priorities of digital designs by Crescent. It is one of the most branded and renowned collection which has given Crescent Lawn a respectable place in the female heart for adorable prints, designs and outfits. They have always satisfies their customer with amazing blends of color mixture, themes and the type of the trendy and fancy fabric they use. The gorgeous colors and eye-catching designs with attractive digital prints have made this summer the most embellished and intricate. Your summer season would be totally incomplete without this brand and moreover your fashion would be incomplete and goes without colors. Its most of the dresses are about the summer season so the priority of the females would be lawn and this kind of material which could make them feel comfortable.

 Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016

So, Crescent has made it much easier by introducing light and bold lawn in different color combinations and prints of stunning patterns with gorgeous looks. These prints and designs of the summer have followed up the new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and trends. These lawn dresses have been given a trendy look this summer to make your personality unique. It has given an option in variety and fabric so that one may not just look the same as a person look in normal routine life with unusual outfits. Its the designer has introduces

  • Lamis silk
  • Metallic Gold Collection
  • Normal Lawn
  • Premium Lawn
  • Premium Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Reed & Peek Collection Signature Series
  • Trenica Satin Silk
  • Two Piece Collection
  • Lawn fabrics
  • Chiffon
  • Digital Silk Lawn

 Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016

The adoreness and gorgeousness of the amazing styles could only be seen in Crescent Lawn summer outfits 2016. It would make your summer intricate and flattering. The summer Collection has brought the amazing gift for every kind of girl and women choice. The Crescent  Collection consists of Digital print dresses with embroidery work that you have never seen before and wishing that you would love this collection.
Some of the Collection has been given below
The price ranges from 1500 to 5000.

 Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016  Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016  Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016  Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016  Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016  Kareena Kapoor Cresent Lawn Summer Collection 2016

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