Alkaram Mens Collection 2016

Alkaram is a well established fabric industry in Pakistan, was founded in March 1986. It’s a textile company working in Pakistan as well as across the whole world with the vision of innovation and quality products. They are providing quality of fabric with unique designs, printed or plain. They work on large as well as small and medium level, they fulfill the orders on industry as well as home level. They are providing for all members of society:
• Men’ wear
• Women’ wear
• Kids wear
The customers can buy the whole dress or one piece and can make their own combination by mix and match, available in stitched or un-stitched. There fabric range is: Cotton, Lawn, Jacquard, Yarn dyed, sateen, twill, basket weave and percale. Their main services may be categorized as:
• Manufacturing of fabric
• Weaving
• Spinning
• Knitting
• Dyeing
• Printing
• Cutting
• stitching
Alkaram is a complete home for fashion; they designed fashion fabrics like kurtas, shalwar kameez, formal dresses, shawls pajama suits; and home textile like quilt covers, comforters, sheets, curtains, shower curtains, kitchen linen. They also launched many collections as seasonal, occasional, eventual and sales etc. their appealing designs and fabrics are perfect for your style, aesthetically-inclination.
Here we are going to discuss about the Alkaram men’ kurta collection which is designed perfectly for your manly look and style. They are mostly come in very reasonable price rang. Mostly are in cotton stuff and printed in texture. Now we will describe all of these one by one. All outfits are have made according to male taste, style, needs and have a regardless place in men’ hearts.

AK Kurta GMKU366 Purple Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016:

AK Kurta GMKU366 Purple Alkaram Mens Kurta

Here is a very stunning and fantastic kurta by al karam, in purple the bright color. its price is Rs. Rs. 1,900 now, the first price was Rs. 2,375 . Light weight kurta in cotton Chambray fabric with placket design in detailed. You can wear white chori pyjama or salwar with this cheerful kameez.

AK Kurta GMKU391 Navy Blue Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016:

pakistani AK Kurta GMKU391 Navy Blue Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016

This exclusive men collection by al karam is very nice sober in navy blue color. you will look very smart in this great stuff. It is designed with exclusive Indigo cotton, for the purpose of embellishment there is use of white print technique. Its price is just 1,980 rupees, but the earlier price was 2,475, different sizes are small, medium, and large and x-large. you can go with salwar for this brilliant kameez outfit.

AK Kurta GMKU383 Blue Alkaram Cotton 2016:

 Alkaram Cotton 2016

What’s coming on your way is a kameez of Alkaram fabrics from men’ kurta Collection 2016. The bold blue color will definitely inspires your attention. Cambric cotton stuff with the embellishment of Persian inspired Embroidery, in medium length. First price of the kurta was 3,275 rupees and now it is Rs. 2,620, available in two sizes, small and medium.

AK Kurta GMKU391 Beige Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016:

Kurta GMKU391 Beige Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016

This Beige kurta is designed to enhance your gorgeous look, in small, medium, large sizes. It is a printed one which made with the fabric of pure cotton; the print design is in lines style. you can wear shalwar as well as chori pyjama with this, is available now in Rs. 1,980 the earlier price was 2,475. So what are you thinking go and grab this manly kurta for your wardrobe.

AK Kurta GMKU388 Orange Alkaram Menswear 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU388 Orange Alkaram Menswear 2016

This one in very dazzling, fresh and bright peachy orange color can jolt your zest for unique style. This Lightweight dress is made with cotton Chambray backing stuff with Persian inspired embroidery on full kameez. Its price was Rs. 3,275, now available in less rupees 2,620. You can also wear chori pajama, sizes are; small, medium, large, and x-large.

Kurta GMKU138 peach Alkaram Menswear 2016:

pakistani kurta GMKU138 peach Alkaram Menswear 2016

Al karam cares of every one taste and style, so this will definitely impress you. The peach color kameez with red French inspired embroidery on neckline in the fabric of bland; very smooth and soft one; is available in 2 piece suit, shalwar kameez. This stitched men wear is in just Rs. 4,474.

AK Kurta GMKU391 Brown Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU391 Brown Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016

Graceful kurta by al karam from men collection 2016 is here. This printed kameez is made with pure cotton in brown color, in Rs. 1980 now the earlier price was 2,475. You can carry this dress; available in four sizes, large, medium, small; with shalwar,

AK Kurta GMKU384 Rust Alkaram Cotton 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU384 Rust Alkaram Cotton 2016

The rustic color of this kameez is very fresh, brilliant and cheerful in Lightweight Cambric cotton fabric by al karam fabrics. To embellish it there is Turkish inspired embroidery on neckline. You can buy it in rupees 2,636.

AK Kurta GMKU391 Black Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU391 Black Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016

Another glaring kameez in black printed designs is fabulous for man outfit. Shirt fabric is Exclusive Indigo cotton white print technique is used for embellishment. The price was rupees 2,475, and now is Rs. 1980, are there in different four sizes x-large, large, medium, small for your convenience. This is looking outstanding surly with white shalwar.

GMKU135 White Alkaram Menswear 2016:

pakistani GMKU135 White Alkaram Menswear 2016

Sober but stunning white color men wear can grab your attention at once from Al karam Collection 2016. Very soft in texture; this 2 piece dress is embellished with Iranian inspired embroidery on neckline in brown, in Blended fabric. It’s buy able in Rs. 4,475, in four different sizes.

AK Kurta GMKU382 Beige Alkaram Cotton 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU382 Beige Alkaram Cotton 2016

Light weight dress is perfect to enhance manly grace in Beige by al karam winter men collection. This cotton; made with fine yarn dyed fabric dress is designed with the embellishment of wooden buttons on neckline. You can wear this Dress with salwar or with jeans for college going or on get to gather with friends. The price is again go down from Rs. 2,250 price to Rs. 1,800.

AK Kurta GMKU390 Green Alkaram Mens Dress 2016:

pakistani Kurta GMKU390 Green Alkaram Mens Kurta 2016

This soft colored Green shirt has made with Light weight cotton with fine yarn dyed fabric is one more dress by al karam fabrics. This is embellished with Iranian inspired embroidery on neckline, available in 2,620 now, the first price was 3,275. It is also buyable in four different sizes; small, medium, large, x-large. You must want this kameez in your wardrobe.

Ak kurta GMKU134 Beige Alkaram Menswear 2016:

pakistani kurta GMKU134 Beige Alkaram Menswear

This attention grabbing suit by al karam fabric collection 2016 is made with Exclusive Blended fabric is designed with Italian inspired embroidery on collar and placket. You can buy This 2 piece suit in Rs. 4,475 to make yourself more graceful and stunning.

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