Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016 – Dress Designer of Pakistan

Pakistan is known for many fashion designers and Ali Xeeshan is one of them. He is the most promising and talented dress designer of Pakistan and is appreciated for his unique work all around the world. The outfits are amazingly decorated and color combinations are awesome. These sherwani are the finest collection of him. This Ali Xeeshan sherwani collection 2016 is preferably suitable for those who like style. If you are searching for natural and traditional looks then you are about to have blast this wedding with Ali Xeeshan menswear collection of sherwani. He has designed this by keeping in mind the bridal collection of him. The stunning digital and brimful patterns along with zari work on it is amazing.

You would ethnically and conditionally see the work of

  • Stone work
  • Tilla work
  • Embroider work
  • Needle work and many more work with that.

It remind us of emperor time trends with

  • Turbans
  • Kamarband
  • Traditional men wear style

You must be surprised to know that he has paid much attention to the Men’s collection with ethnic sense of trends. Ali Xeeshan Men wedding Sherwani dresses are one of the basic necessity of one’s life, your groom personality would be incomplete without it on your wedding day. We are here to enhance your wedding with amazing collection of Ali Xeeshan Men Sherwani. The colors used are much bright and dark in his menswear collection 2016 with that

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Gray
  5. Peach
  6. Bottle green
  7. Off-white
  8. Aqua
  9. Charcoal
  10. Silver
  11. And many others.

It is a well known clothing brand in Pakistan. The collection is amazing as it reflects tradition, elegance and beauty of Pakistani culture. These shewani dresses are accompanied by shalwars, trousers and also churidar pajamas. His amazing collection has already attracted the Men’s attention for the wedding dress plans and more for reception too.

He has also taken into account that these sherwani trend to look unique with overstated, and decorated with handcraft work on the front, cuff area and on square neckline and backline.

For the very first time the first priority is given to Men Collection because most of the time female get the first chance in history. These collections consist of exotic and exquisite bundle of Pakistani Dulha Dress sherwani outfits. He has made up to the material and fabric they have used for making these Sherwanis for Men.


The best  7 Ali Xeeshan Sherwani 2016 are

  1. Jamawar Sherwani dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Jamawar
  • PKR/USD:25,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: On the other side the symbol of elegance and style. Pure jamawar color has given it an embellishment for a wedding occasion.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Traditional Black Sherwani dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Black Sherwani
  • PKR/USD:30,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The simplicity has made it unique and outstanding. Its black color shows its elegance.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Red Sherwani dress
  • PKR/USD:45,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: It’s amazing fabric and work has given it a modern touch. The Red color would make the day special.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Beige  Sherwani dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Beige Sherwani
  • PKR/USD:45,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A beautiful collection in beige color.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Purple  Sherwani Dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Purple Sherwani
  • PKR/USD:60,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The sherwani is an amazing collection of Ali Xeeshan.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Golden Beige Sherwani Dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Golden Beige
  • PKR/USD:56,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Beautiful work done on sherwani of golden beige color

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

  1. Turban Sherwani Fawn Dress
  • PRODUCT CODE: Turban Sherwani
  • PKR/USD: 45,000
  • IMAGE DESCRIPTION: This is pure esthetic sherwni used with fabric and fawn. It shows the mughal period with turban.

Ali Xeeshan Sherwani Collection 2016

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