Ali Xeeshan Lawn 2016 – Women Summer Collection

Pakistan one of leading collection and brand is by Ali xeeshan. He is one of the Pakistan emerging stars and highly qualified designer. The dresses include different designs pattern with bright and amazing colors. They are all hallmark of Ali Xeeshan collection. These outfits are preferably suitable for those who like style. If you want traditional looks with natural trends you are at the right place then with the collection of Ali Xeeshan. The latest dresses which are special designed for women are most welcome here.

So, he has made it much easier by introducing light and bold lawn in different color combinations and prints of stunning digital patterns. These prints and designs have followed up the new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and looks. Its Collection is about to be released in the summer season so the priority of the females would be lawn and this kind of material which could make them feels comfortable. And the type of  fabric used is also of much high quality and have market place. He gives latest trends and styles keeping in mind the taste and culture of the people very traditional. Every design and print he produce is a master piece. He is especially famous for his  women dress designing and cuts.

Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016

These lawn dresses have been given a trendy look this summer to make your personality unique. It has given an option in variety and designs and material so that one may not just look the same as a person look in normal routine life with unusual outfits. He has already displayed the summer collection 2016 for women. We are happy to put forward this collection in this summer with amazing lawn prints and designs. The summer collection of 2016 has been launched by this clothing brand. It is one of the most branded and renowned collection which has given Ali Xeeshan a respectable place in the female heart for unique designs and outfits.

The brand big collection has introduces .

  • Silk
  • Trenica Satin Silk
  • Two Piece
  • Lawn fabrics
  • Chiffon
  • Normal Lawn
  • Premium Lawn
  • Premium Chiffon

Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016

The summer casual dresses have brought the amazing gift for every kind of girl and women choice. The lawn summer Collection consists of Digital print dresses with embroidery that you have never seen before. The embellishment and gorgeousness of the amazing styles could only be seen in Ali Xeeshan  summer lawn Collection 2016. It would make your summer adorned and flattering. An assortment of embroidery motifs has also been applied. He has created these dresses for the customer to have deep sensation of creativity and innovation among styles. He has also given a glance of unique mix of subtlety and glamour. This brand is bringing out here some of the colorful side of glamour and looks in daily life routine. It is also filling you with excitement and confidence for this hot season. The sensational treads and fancy stitches are about be up heaved on this summer.

Some of the  Ali Xeeshan dresses have been given below
The Price is between 3500 to 8000

Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016 Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016 Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016 Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016 Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016 Ali Xeeshan Summer Collection 2016

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