As we come through fashion it is really a hard thing to follow up. As the taste and trends of the people are changing. So, how to keep up with the changing time .We are here to sort things out and help to follow new trends and fashion and make you look flawless. From a household women to a business women, kids, men in short every person can get benefit. The obsession that inspired a person to look different is all that tells what fashion to endure.

Fashion designer


Here you can find the following designers work or brands GulAhmad , Breeze, Bonanza, Cross Roads, Cresent Lawn, Fahad Hussain, Five star Textile, Firdous Lawn ,Hammad-ur-rehman, Horain, Kesyria, Libas, Limelight, Ljwanti, Leisure Club, Lakhani, Maria’s Collection, Hijab, Motifiz, Maria B, Mahnoush, Nishat, Obaid syed, NEXT, Out fits, QUIZ, Rouge, STONEAGE, Sublime by Sara , TaanaBaana, Tena Durani, Umar Syed, V lawn by Veeneeza Ahmad, Verda, Yasir Waheed, Zunair’s Lounge, Zeniya Lawn , Satya Paul, Asim Jofa, Khaadi, Deepak Pawani, Nomi A nsari, Sania Mastakiya, Tabassum Mughal, Shariq Textiles, Bunto Kazmi, Zainab Sajjid, Hassan Sheryar, Yasir, Nilofer Sahid, Ego, Damaan, Junaid Jamshed, Ethihad Airways, Kolachi,Shameel Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Nida Azwer, Zainad Chotlani and Sheep S/S Collection. All the seasons everyone is conscious about the dressing styles. It’s really hard to think that what should be kept so that they can get out . So, we have very best collection of dress in our wardrobe for you. The obsession to look unique and perfect, is all that tells what fashion to endure. As we have mentioned earlier fashion is not only related to dresses but far more than that and this includes shoes, watches, handbags, tips for beauty, hairstyles mehndi and nail Arts and much more that that too.


Shoes one of the best things what women wanted to have with her best matching dress. We have amazing collection of dress with paired up matching shoes. So, we are giving a change to your looks in this season. In this season the color, shades, design and theme mixing would be adorable and you would love to play with the colors of ours.


Jewelry and Watches the most important thing which women never forget to wear. We also have amazing and matching styles of it with dresses and shoes.And according to your choice we have got plenty of style and stuff. watches trends


Handbags the things without which women would be worried. Each and every important thing could easily be digested in it without interruption and loosing anything .One of your first priorities is to have a well organized handbag and fully equipped, if you are crazy enough to have your handbag ready in just 5 minutes. Then the wait is over. We have got some simple and best ways to make your handbag ready. It’s freaky enough and annoying too. When you get ready to go to the shopping mall or filling station or place like bank it’s really disturbing when things are not properly arranged and you have to go through each and everything to find the particular thing. So, basically we had made it much easier to arrange your handbags by just following these simple steps and stay in touch with us to get tips to arrange your bag. handbag trends


The beauty tips are an great package for you. As the season changes the makeup and look changes. As a matter of fact everyone these days is beauty conscious and being part of this society we think that you have been searching for such sites and congratulations that we are giving you an opportunity to have it all in just one packge. We are letting you know what kind of make stuff is available in the market and how you can take advantage of it by just following simple steps.


Fashion week is one of the biggest shot  arranged on this site as it covers each and every thing of your importance .It comes with a bundle of things like hairstyle, mehndi, Nail Art, Models etc.


Hairstyle the most important and conscious state of personality as it goes hairs should be cared enough that these should be the compliment for you. So, to resist this compliment we are giving you the opportunity to enhance yourself. By getting advantage of the site. hairstyle trends


Every type of Occasion is preferred in our country because it is you who make it special. So,” MAKE TRENDS DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS” by having grip on your looks and fashion you can easily figure it out what is best for you. Every occasion people and kin’s meet each other and they check out the dresses and your styling. Getting you ready for such Occasions’ without any delay. Every occasion f our country is linked to some attachable memory and mehndi is one of the part of this occasion. The catchy styles of mehndi are also available on our site. And we would surely help you to get more. mehndi


Nail Art is also getting roots in our country too and it’s one of the amazing things too to be done. We are also providing amazing nail paint art so that there is no way back to look different. nail art trend


Weddings are a moment by which some people meet each other and two people not only join together but join the families too. So fashion is most important for such trend also and we are gathering such situations too. Which enhance your fashion trends also. weding trends


Different models are attached with our shootings. So, every information would be provided relevant to the models dressing and everything which have been mentioned. We will give you more and more information about the fashion and catchy attractive designers’ catalogue, updates and news.

OUR TEAM team is mentioned here.

1. Sundus

Sundus is IT Professional and interested in fashion. Her interest in fashion and style news/updates force the management to hire her as a member for this blog. Here she provide information related to latest updates of fashion and also handle all the IT related activities of this website.

2. Umar

Umar  is a Fashion Designer and has professional qualification of dress designing. He also organize different fashion shows and music gatherings. Here he will provide information related to fashion weeks, gathering designers work and many more which you want to know.

 3. Alina Khan

She did four year program of Textile Designing.