8 Steps to Have Best Nail Art

Looking for beautiful and attractive looks to make your personalty more dashing? Nail art can enhance your looks by just having a little hard work for a special event or add a compliment to your everyday life. Do you spend hours online to search for designs. But here we are making it simpler by giving you some simple designs at one place. There are very much detail of professionals design but we have got some of the simple designs to enhance your beauty.


We have got some of the designs for your nails.


Mix loose glitter with some of your nail gel and clear polish then apply it to your nails. When the application has dried, add a top coat.
Cover one or more nails with the gel or may be polish. Dust some of your nails with glitter and allow them before it gets dried.

glitter design


First of all choose two shades to be done for the design. If you like then use simple colors to be applied on nails. first of all you do the base coat of dark shade. Then allow it to dry completely.
Dip a small brush or toothpick into your polish for the dots and apply it gently on the base. Create small and large size dots to make it look stylish. You can also use your fine-tipped to implement to drag the paint out from the wet dot to crate you own imaginative rays, swirls and other designs.

polkadesign design


An arrangement of different dots can make your nails like a flower. Choose three shades of them, one for the base, other for the center of the flower and a hue for the petals.
Do the base coat and leave it to dry completely.
Use thin-tipped brush or toothpick brush to group of five dots arranged in circles or your nails. These are petals.
When the petals dots dry, use the same hue to paint a simple circle in the center of the petals dots . you add some different colors to enhance the coloring schemes. And can create leaves with green nail paint. Make sure that flowers are different from each other.
When the flower design are finished make them dry.

floral design


For this type choose two types of shades, dark and light. Try fuchsia or orange and some black shades for this nail art.

Use the lighter color to make splotches on your nails . The shapes don’t have to be streamlined just like the leopard spots.
When the splotches dry up then make C or U shape with some darker color.
When the leopard spots dry then fish it up with clear coat and some glittering nail paint.

leopard design design



You will need three different colors to be done. First the base coat and then the two colors which will be swirled at the top to look blended.
Apply the base coat and let it dry.
Apply the dot of the first color to swirl using toothpick.
Use the second toothpick to apply the second swirl color on the top of the first dot while the first dot is still wet.
Then use the stripper brush to swirls more prominent , create criss-cross, S-shaped or figure-8 pattern.

blended design



It looks flawless when it is mixed with its own family color, like purple and some kind of blue.
First of all do the base coat with darkest color on your nails and let it dry. Dip a make-up sponge and make a fading effect of it by moving it up and down. Then take the lightest color to be use and mixed with fading effect. It is still wet than apply the top coat to completely smear the color.

gradient design


Mixing of mange shades creates such effect. Use white to the base coat on your nails. Before it dries than mix another hue to it. Dip the lager brush into another light hue and drop onto it and make it smear. Make it dry to look impressionistic.

watercolor design


This uses creative technique to be done. You need a base color then a blue shade, yellow and white . Use the base coat on your nails. Then mix the both shades by applying the two colors together as it is still wet. Continue mixing in the same way and add an center shade alternating the colors until you see a blue-eyes shape on your nails.

marbled design

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